I have had the pleasure of finding and working with Lorraine over the last 6 months. She is truly a gifted individual, who uses her wonderful talents to help get to the root of your personal issues and challenges.

I would highly recommend her for spiritual and personal counseling and energy work. She has had a tremendously positive impact on my life as she has worked with me over the last 6 months to overcome depression.

C.A. Jacksonville



My stepmother Lorraine taught me this in 2005, basically a panic attack is the fear of having fear itself. Once you learn to block out and not fight with the fear of being scared or the feeling of immanent doom, you will conquer panic attacks without medicine. Trust me

  • Lorraine Cooke-Petta Yes, JJ, an anxiety attack is aggravated by the fear of having an anxiety attack. Just letting it happen makes it lose its' control over you. And, you certainly did well with overcoming yours.

Jj Stevens It's so simple to do when u realize this. Love u mum.

Lorraine Cooke-Petta Yes it is. Fear can have such a control if we don't understand what it is doing. Love you too.

Jj Stevens And to think some doctors have kept it a secret how to rid yourself of panic...but instead script meds

Lorraine Cooke-Petta I would suggest that most of them have no idea so they just medicate. There are some people who don't believe it can be done though.

Jj Stevens I can promise you I'm a product and testament of your words that helped me. they can use me as an example... I have overcome

Lorraine Cooke-Petta I have several people who have now too. It is a blessing that's for sure.

Jj Stevens I will never forget the moment I took control of that fear and panic. It was such a great feeling that u just can't explain

Jj Stevens If I had a million dollars you would have had it for giving me the conversation we had about this. I'll never forget it, it was worth more than that to not ever feel the way I use to.

Lorraine Cooke-Petta Thank you, that's sweet. I am just happy that you overcame it all and moved on.

Jj Stevens I suggest anyone else who is having panic disorder and anxiety attacks to link up with my stepmother she will guide you.

Lorraine Cooke-Petta Thank you JJ.



I first met Lorraine several years ago in Saint Mary’s, GA where I was a vendor at the First Saturday Market on the waterfront for a brief period of time. I had not seen Lorraine again for several years when I had a spiritual experience last summer. My experience was that God took me through a life review.  This was a painful but necessary event – it involved healing wounds from my childhood and young adult years so I could move on to the next stage of life. Although I had attended several churches in my area over the years and knew a few local pastors, Lorraine was the first one who came to my mind when I knew I needed counseling. In particular, I knew that Lorraine would not judge me nor discuss anything said between us with anyone else. Lorraine listens to what is going on with me, she asks specific questions, and then tells me how she interprets my situation. If it’s a serious or more complicated issue, she may take some additional time before responding. This tells me that she is careful when guiding each person and helping them to find the truth of their own life. It was no coincidence that I met Lorraine many years ago – the heavens knew that we would connect again as spiritual sojourners and also as great friends.

Thank You, Lorraine!

S.R. – Nahunta, GA                                                                                                        



Lorraine Petta is a woman of tremendous wisdom, kindness, insight and integrity. Her spiritual guidance has been instrumental in my navigating successfully through a very difficult and confusing period in my life in which she kept me sane, on course and hopeful. She always told me exactly what I needed to hear, which at times wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear.  But I trusted her special connection to God and her goodness and every time found that she was right on. Lorraine is very much needed in today's world and I am happy to see how people are finding out about her and getting the guidance and healing they need.  Besides spiritual guidance, Lorraine healed my mind, providing me much needed clarity and calm. She also healed a chronic pain I had in my upper leg. And she is a wonderful teacher. Whoever is touched by Lorraine, is touched by God.  


Alina, Jacksonville, FL


 Lorraine is very gifted in healing and counseling.   Last Halloween, while volunteering in a community haunted house, I inhaled the spooky smoke for several hours.  The next day, I was nauseous, had a pounding headache and felt totally drained.  Since I had another night of volunteering in the haunted house, I knew I had to get a "quick fix".   My husband had experienced back pain relief from Lorraine, so I called her for help.  After a ten to fifteen minute healing session with Lorraine, I was ready to go.....pain free!   In addition to her healing gifts, she has helped guide me through some family issues by always knowing the right questions to ask.  Sometimes I don't want to face the answers to her questions, but she always has my best interest in guiding me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that's ready to help themselves. 


L.H. Saint Marys, GA

 Lorraine has amazing insight in areas of energy.  I have had some blockages for a number of years and with her help have been able to unravel negative energy patterns that have held me back. She has vision that is totally clear on very high levels. Her understanding of how the universe works has enabled me to take myself to a higher level. I will always be grateful.

MB Jacksonville


Lorraine Petta is an Energy Healer of the purest kind, genuine and authentic. She is grounded in her own purpose and carries out her work masterfully.   I consult with her both personally and professionally referring clients to her with complete confidence. She is truly a gem!  

JR Remington, CHt 

I have been suffering from three herniated lumbar discs for the past two years.  The pain, mostly sciatic, can be intense, especially when I do too much and re-injure myself.  It often takes 3-4 weeks of rest, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and psychic healing at my home in Atlanta to recover. 

Since buying a house and spending time in Saint Marys, I have been blessed to be associated with Lorraine Petta.  Her healing powers have been most effective at enhancing and shortening my recovery time.  I will never forget my first treatment with Lorraine.  Her hands channeled energy to my affected areas matched only by the strongest of heating pads.  Having Lorraine in Saint Marys is truly a Godsend. 

R.F., Saint Marys, GA

I have been blessed to know Lorraine Petta. Just being around her is a calming influence. She has a listening ear and a healing touch, and I have benefited from both. I am proud to consider her my "wise woman" friend!

A.H.,  Kingsland, GA

I knew when I first met Lorraine she was special, long story short a few months into our friendship she came by for a visit, I had been unable to work for a couple of days due to an ear ache that was very painful, I had never experienced anything like it in my life, Lorraine noticed the pain I was in, She worked with me & put her gentle hands on me, within minutes my pain had stopped. Thank goodness for Lorraine.                                                                                                                                                                          
David,  St.Marys, GA  
When you meet Lorraine, she knows you - and you know that is true. Lorraine looks through your eyes into your soul and, without words, knows what is happening in your life.  She is calming; She is mystical; She is so soothing you immediately know you are in a safe place. She is the friend you have always wanted.....she truly cares.....and, with a touch, brings her life light into yours..  She will take the "bad" away....and bring the "good" inside....with only a touch and a calming phrase or two, she will be your friend and confidante.
CL....St.Marys, GA
I met Lorraine by attending her class “Conversations with Lorraine: The Real YOU” in 2004. Since then she has been my teacher, mentor, friend, and adviser. 
Lorraine has touched my life in so many ways that I don’t even know where to start – here some examples:
House cleansing - My son Stephen was waking up many times during the night – after cleansing his room the “sleep-problems” disappeared. 
Healing – Again my son after a traumatic surgery
Guiding/Counseling - Me to a life of awareness by providing tools such as meditation, taking responsibility, listening etc.  
What I like most about Lorraine is, she is true to herself and everybody else. Her knowledge in so many different areas is astounding, and she possesses an amazing way to communicate that knowledge. I can’t wait to attend another workshop/class with her.
S.P - Ponte Vedra, FL

What a blessing it has been to have Lorraine come into our town.  Her peaceful and patient guidance has given me the strength spiritually and physically to get through recent challenges.   After suffering from hip pain for weeks one morning she just gently took the discomfort away.  I am grateful to know her and cherish her influence on my life.

A. - Saint Mary's, GA

Magnetizing is the first word that comes to my mind when asked to describe Lorraine. I was drawn to her the first time we met and the second time we met I asked if I could braid her long lovely hair. From these two short encounters with her I knew that God had gave us an opportunity to meet. It is up to us to develop and grow this friendship.

Over the last several months I’ve seen Lorraine work in our community, slowly, quietly and with loving and healing hands.

One Saturday morning Lorraine asked how I was, I told her fine. Instead of believing me, she said “no, really, how are you”. I told her my head was killing me and she asked if she could touch me. Of course, I said yes. She held my head in her strong and loving hands. We talked for a couple of minutes, not about my head, but about how lucky we were to see such a beautiful morning. When she released my head from her hands, my headache was gone. Her hands are electrifying.

Now I can just stand by her and I get goose bumps. No more headaches for me!

TMH – St. Mary’s, GA

 My experience with Mrs. Petta has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime. I was diagnosed with anxiety attacks and severe headaches. After spending time with her and learning how to control those episodes my headaches are no more and I am able to deal with and control my fear without medicine. I would definitely suggest a consultation with her and see how it may help you. I did, and boy am I happy I did! - J from Gadsden, AL 

 I have known Lorraine Cooke-Petta for 6 years now and she is someone that I find very calming to talk to. We met when I was going through a stressful period in my life and Lorraine instantly put me at my ease. I felt a spiritual connection to her.  

 Lorraine is very focused and grounded, highly intuitive, exuding an air of calm. She looks at situations from all angles objectively and even in the face of opposition, made me feel comforted. She has a healing quality, instilling both confidence and hope in others.   

I have always found her to be empathetic and extremely supportive with an absolutely unshakeable faith.   
Without hesitation I would go to Lorraine for spiritual guidance and advice and indeed have done so on many occasions. I trust in her integrity and sincerity and know that although she will give me her unvarnished opinion, she will also help me see the positives in any given situation.   
Without hesitation, I would recommend that others seek spiritual guidance from Lorraine. You cannot help but feel uplifted after talking to her. Many situations require us to find strength from within that we didn’t know we have, she can help you reach for that courage and guide you in how to overcome obstacles.  
I really hope that others can benefit from Lorraine’s gift, I myself feel blessed to have met her.  
Fiona Nelson, Rainbow City, AL

Over the past seven years I have sought counsel from time to time with Lorraine on various matters that have been of great concern to me.  I have found her advice to be extraordinarily insightful and her manner refreshingly frank and to the point.  She has proven time and again to be a discerning and amazingly intuitive counselor.

P.N of New York

 I have known Lorraine Petta during her time in Australia and have maintained contact since her move to the US of A. She has helped and guided me through some extremely trying times with my separation and divorce and showed me how to find Peace of Mind through a Spiritual connection with God. She also foretold the name of my current wife at least one year prior to my meeting my wife. 

I truly bless the day I decided to have faith in the guidance that comes through Lorraine from God.
B. B. Heathmont, Victoria, Australia