Experience with Spirituality and the Paranormal began when I was fifteen years of age at which time I was made fully aware of the spiritual world and our ability to connect to it.  I have no doubt whatever about the existence of parallel realms, or about our ability to communicate with them. I have had many encounters, and almost all of my learning in this field has come from within, not without. My spirituality and all I do is grounded in my very strong belief in God and my faith in that belief.  I am an Ordained Pastor through the Universal Life Monastery, my faith is my journey, something I am willing to share, but do not push on others.  

Hands on healing abilities date back many years and this gift has allowed me to touch the spirit of many to assist them in overcoming pain, anxiety and fear.  When I am guided to do so, I willingly offer my healing capabilities.  It is my intention to share my experiences and knowing with those who wish to hear what I have to pass on in an effort to assist them find their own peace. 

The ability to guide stems from numerous life experiences in relationships, health, spiritual awareness, education and training.  With the blessings bestowed on me, I have been touched by so many aspects of life therefore able to offer the guidance to assist others find their true selves with the assistance and knowing offered to me by the spiritual world.

For many years I have guided people, focusing on the combination of mind, body and spirit, rather than the logical or obvious, to heal issues.  It has always been my intention to help people understand that they are in control of their well-being, and can overcome fears and improve their state of being.   

I came to the United States of America in November 1999 simply because I knew I had to.  Australian born, I had never left Australia prior to that time but then I met a man on the internet; a month later I was in Birmingham, Alabama and five weeks after that, married.

In Australia I achieved diplomas in Parapsychology and Psychotherapy, and the spiritual world in particular, is one of many interests in my existence.  I have extensive experience in the field of home and people cleansing, enabling both to be returned to their contented spiritual state.   

For several years in Australia I facilitated a Spiritual Development and Meditation circle. It was my aim then, and still is, to encourage all those involved to search out their own spiritual/psychic ability. 

My path is a personal one, as is that of every other spirit. Perhaps joining our wisdom, we can reach the goals set for us.