Life Is

Life is but a mystery,

So many wonders to find,

Be always true to yourself,

To others, try to be kind.

Begin each day with a smile,

Carry love in your heart,

Make your world a happy place,

Peace is the place to start.

Much is given to each of us,

The hurdles can be great,

With Love, Peace and Happiness,

Heaven is just a wait.

Life is ours to Live,

Love it, share it, give,

Our time here is blessed,

Remember to cherish and do your best.

 © Lorraine Cooke-Petta

30th July, 2002



  I sit and wonder why I am here,

Living this life I hold so dear.

To help the hurting to ease their pain,

So they may find peace again.

The people I help I do not know well,

I listen from my heart to the stories they tell.

If I can ease their ache inside,

Then this will justify my pride.

I serve my Father with my heart and soul,

This has always been my goal.

To help guide His children Home,

So none need ever feel alone.


© Lorraine Cooke      

December 17th, 1998


 My Heart 

My heart awakens to a brand new day,

 I trust in God to find my way,

Troubles are many in my world so new,

Peace I seek, love so true.

I follow what I feel,

My faith is my guide,

Many tests are chosen,

I am pleased to be tried.

This world I live in is not my home,

Many hours I feel so alone,

Work I have to do,

An agreement I made,

God loves and protects me,

No need to be afraid.


© Lorraine Cooke-Petta

18th July, 2005


As Life Passes By


As life passes by,

 Our yearnings grow,

As we progress to the end,

The more we need to know.


We understand that life is on loan,

That all we do has been done before,

We cannot do this all alone,

That much we know for sure.


Life is a challenge for all,

The ride to uncover our story,

We appear to know where we are going,

Once there we can achieve our glory.


Home is the goal we seek,

Gaining knowledge and wisdom from our youth,

Understanding who we truly are,

Awakening to our truth.



 ©  Lorraine Cooke-Petta

 April 2nd, 2013