We think we know all the answers,

When even the question is hard to find,

Our hearts ache, our thoughts wander,

Confusion rules our minds.

We need to take a step back,

To pass our troubles aside,

Go to our knees in faith and hope,

And forego all our pride.

When we try to rule our own lives,

The way is rarely found,

If we surrender to all that is given to us,

Answers and love abound.

Peace does not come easily,

When questions are always there,

Find the peace and love you need,

Go to God in prayer.

Allow yourself to be healed,

Allow your troubles to fly,

Find the peace in who you are,

Ours is not to question why.


© Lorraine Cooke-Petta

30th March, 2000

                                                                                        I Listen

I listen to the voices,

I think I understand

I know they are there to guide me

To bring me peace in this strange land.

I get scared, lonely and sad,

I know not where to turn,

So many trials before me,

Always more to learn.

I want peace in my heart,

I need love to protect me,

The world is such a challenge,

God alone can set me free.

Sounds, sights and feelings,

All are how we are to grow,

Understanding these gifts,

Will teach so we will Know.


© Lorraine Cooke-Petta

27th May, 2002


We come here with things we have to achieve,

Once they are complete it’s time to leave.

We can’t understand, although we try,

Why a loved one must leave.

Why must they die?

We are all God’s children,

He is our Home.

This doesn’t remove the feeling of being alone.

He sends us to touch, teach and grow,

What we take when we leave is all we know.

The time is not ours, it belongs to another,

It is our task to learn to love each other.

Those who are left behind cry in pain

They will be with their loved ones,

We will all love again.


© Lorraine Cooke-Petta

29th July, 2001