They Told Me


They told me I had cancer,

A lump in my left breast,

My life was being threatened,

For me there would be no rest.


I chose to have surgery,

I had to suffer so much pain,

The only answer left for me,

If I was to enjoy life again.


Many months of agony followed,

Sometimes so hard to fight,

One thing that kept me going,

My son, Benjamin, my love, my light.


I had much help from many,

With my son I always knew,

His acceptance of me was total,

No matter what, his love was true.


My man left because of my scars,

That pain was so hard to bear,

My faith in God restored me,

I learned again to care.


                    That pain is now behind me,                      

Love fills my life once more,

Finding love, peace and happiness,

This is what we come here for.



8 Lorraine Petta,

1st May, 2002